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The team

Mount Consulting is a business consulting firm focusing on strategic transformation projects. Our expert team provides Finance, Risk and Data advisory services within the financial services industry. We strive to offer the best knowledge, project experience and market insight.

Dominique Vande Langerijt


Favorite mountain: Kirkjufell, Iceland

Biography Dominique

Born in Belgium, grew up in Germany, since then the world has been my village. I grew up around computers and technology, so a study in IT seemed to be the logical thing. Working in a bank, I was fascinated by the virtuality of it all, just data being created, manipulated, moved, erased, through numerous processes and systems… But there was more out there, because asset managers, pension funds, private banks all manipulated data in their own way! The next step was obvious: consulting. Through international projects I realized that change only works and makes an impact if it starts with a vision at the crossroads of data, business and IT. So I became an Enterprise Architect and that is what I have been doing ever since.

Architecture was also the reason for my other love: photography. The way we build impressive feats of engineering, the way nature finds a way to shape majestic landscapes, it has been a hobby which teaches me a lot about the commonalities and differences between virtual architecture and real-life constructions.

But of course, my life would not be complete without my family, with whom I try to spend what little spare time I have. I will always be grateful for their support and tolerance in all the endeavors, like Mount Consulting, as without them this adventure would not be possible.

Chelsea Zacharia

Working Student

Favorite mountain: Mount Rinjani, Indonesia

Biography Chelsea

I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Finance at Tilburg University. After completing a liberal arts degree in California, I realised that today’s most crucial challenges call for approaches that are rooted in practicality. While my educational background in English Literature has taught me the ability to think critically and communicate effectively, studying business has helped me develop a strong analytical mindset. Both experiences have broadened my perspective and taught me how to approach problems through a variety of lenses.

At Mount Consulting, I started out as a Sustainable Finance intern where my main tasks involved researching the recent slew of sustainability regulations in the EU including SFDR, EU Taxonomy, and CSRD. This experience cemented my conviction that diverse and dynamic environments were where I thrive most. After my internship ended, we decided to extend my role as a working student. My work now continues to involve building the company’s knowledge base on EU’s sustainable finance regulations.

Erwin Siegers

Consultant Mount Analytics

Favorite mountain: Uluru, Australia

Biography Erwin

I began my education in Enschede, studying chemical and process engineering at the University of Twente. After completing my first master’s degree, I pursued a secondary master’s degree in financial engineering and management. Throughout both of my studies, I developed a keen interest in data analytics and connecting real-world phenomena to modelling.

After doing my internship ‘Modelling of physical climate risks to Dutch banks’ at Mount Consulting, I now strive to further explore my interests in my role at Mount Analytics, attempting to connect my financial and my analytics background.

Jack Hillenga

Senior Manager

Favorite mountain: Matterhorn, Switzerland/Italy

Biography Jack

Raised on a farm in the most North-East region of The Netherlands, I moved to the South of the country to study Industrial Engineering and Management Science at the Technical University Eindhoven. I have now been living for many years with my wife and three daughters in the Western part of the country. This nice triangle shape you will also recognize in my favorite mountain.

My first decade of working life, I enjoyed myself in consulting in both a small and a ‘big four’ firm. This provided me with a steep learning curve on projects for the financial function of corporates. To strengthen my financial background I finalised my chartered controllers (RC/EMFC) program.

In my second decade I joined an international insurance group. I had the golden opportunity to run a series of international projects with mixed teams of consultants and colleagues to develop the data model, data streams; calculation, consolidation, and reporting platforms for internal and external reporting. Implementing new reporting regimes like Solvency II, IFRS 9 and IFRS 17 in a complex organisation provided me with excellent challenges.

Now, early in my third working decade, I choose Mount Consulting because of the people, atmosphere and focus.

Jelena Martinovic

Senior Consultant

Favorite mountain: Lovcen, Montenegro

Biography Jelena

After studying Economics in Slovenia and Montenegro, I started my professional career in Finance. After growing experience in various functions within Accounting and Controlling, I succeeded my career in management and executive roles within the Finance domain of leading Montenegrin companies. Meanwhile I got my Certified Accountant degree and became Lecturer of Basic Accounting and Advanced Financial Reporting at the Institute of Certified Accounting of Montenegro. In 2021 I decided to convert my experience and expertise in finance, accounting and credit risk management into a function as consultant at Mount.

Joost Jan Noordegraaf


Favorite mountain: Cerro Torre, Argentinia

Biography Joost Jan

I started working in a small boutique consulting firm while finishing my Master’s degree in Financial Economics, and never considered a change of industry since. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work in small, medium-sized and large international consulting firms to continuously develop myself. Being at the front of large scale transformation projects, both in London and Amsterdam, for several years, I decided it was time to be at the front of our own consulting firm!

At Mount, I focus on CFO and CRO transformation projects. The past decade, regulators are a major force driving change, even more so in the future. We commit to deliver the best strategic solutions to CFO and CRO to deliver this change.

Jorge Arturo Rico Torres


Favorite mountain: Mount Monserrate, Colombia
Biography Jorge

I hold a master’s degree in Financial Economics and a double bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance from Tilburg University and Del Rosario University. My studies and professional experiences in market research and corporate valuation gave me an international perspective and understanding of the financial markets and their regulatory framework.

I’m interested in further developing my capacity to analyze and manage the challenges that the economic trends and regulations pose to the financial services industry. Working as a consultant at Mount allows me to do so while helping our clients thrive in the fast-evolving financial industry.

Jort Kolman

Senior Manager

Favorite mountain: Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Biography Jort

After studying Psychology and Economics, decided to pursue a job as a consultant in the financial services sector. During the first couple of years whereby I worked on various projects, I realized that I mainly enjoy finding suitable solutions for problems where business and IT meet. Since then I have been focusing more and more on data and architectural challenges.

At Mount I focus not only on my project and client deliverables. I can also create the time to focus on myself and my own development as well as the growth of the company. However, having ambitious goals means that it does not always come easy. But even then; you can’t just give up, cause that’s not what a dinosaur would do.

Jurriaan Groot

Managing Partner Mount Analytics

Favorite mountain: Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia

Biography Jurriaan

Graduated from Maastricht University with a Master in Artificial Intelligence and owns a long track-record in the international financial services industry. Both as a finance and risk management consultant in global consulting firms, as well as at a leading position in Financial Risk Management in a tier-1 bank. 

Mila Rodrigues


Favorite mountain: Monte Hill, India

Biography Mila

My professional journey as well as my curiosity has led me to various positions. I’ve learned a lot about language during my MA in Linguistics but decided that I would much rather engage more with people while I work. I started teaching English and graduated with an MA in Educational Sciences. Eventually, I even diverted from the subject English to learn and educate more about yoga and mindfulness, which is also one of my passions. I landed at Mount after looking for a team to join where I could use the skills that I had collected in the fields of language and education. Where an individual approach is appreciated and where I could keep engaging with likeminded professionals and learn more about the field of finance.

Saksham Arora


Favorite mountain: K2, Pakistan

Biography Saksham

Though, Netherlands is the second international destination I’ve been to, it is truly my first one in terms of experiencing the diversity of nationalities at such a scale. Before coming to the Netherlands, I had worked for multiple organisations, both as an intern and a full-time employee. From a tech startup to a government-based think tank, to a social sector training organization, I have strived to diversify my experience as much as I could. Though I have an academic background in the areas of finance such as credit risk and banking, I intend to further expand my areas of practical understanding with an open mind.

Originally, I hail from India, and I have spent all my formative years in my home country. I completed bachelor’s in economics from the University of Delhi. In addition to academics, I was actively involved in extracurricular activities such as debating and dance throughout my high school and college. I completed a master’s degree in financial economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam in August 2023. During my time at Erasmus, I was a member of the Rotterdam Consulting Club and Turing Students Rotterdam.

Sabine Swennenhuis

Senior Consultant

Favorite mountain: Canadian Rockies, Canada

Biography Sabine

I graduated from the Erasmus University, where I completed my MSc in Finance. The next step was clear: consultancy in the financial services sector. After taking some time off for my other passion, travelling and discovering a new culture, I started working in a medium-sized international consulting firm.

Soon I discovered that the flexibility and no-nonsense of a niche firm would suit me better and I was lucky enough to join Mount Consulting, where I can now focus on strategy and transformation within the CFO and CRO domains. While bringing our clients imagination to life, I can also focus on developing myself and the company, for me this is the ideal combination.

Jesse Wilensky


Favorite mountain: Table Mountain, South Africa

Biography Jesse

I believe I bring a dynamic blend of academic rigor and real-world expertise to the team at Mount Consulting. I was born and raised in the vibrant city of Cape Town, South Africa. My academic journey led me to obtain degrees in Political Studies, Entrepreneurship, and Management from the University of Cape Town (UCT). I also completed my MBA while working full-time in the financial services sector. Throughout my career, I have always encouraged critical thought and analysis.

With an appetite for growth, Mount offers a platform to do what I enjoy, which is develop my personal and professional skills while working alongside like-minded individuals. I find excitement in engaging with both new and existing clients where I am challenged daily, to leverage my skillset and find sustainable solutions.

Thijs Peeters


Favorite mountain: Kruisberg, Holland

Biography Thijs

Having started my career in Accountancy, I switched to consulting after passing my Certified Accountant (‘RA’) exam. Triggered to add value by advisory rather than auditing numbers and processes. Growing experience at EY, PwC, Capco and Synechon, in New York, London, and Amsterdam, in consulting as well as leading positions, I decided it was time providing the financial services industry with an alternative for the current consulting firms. Together with my partner fellows also pictured at this site. And so Mount Consulting arose.

At Mount, like in the last 20 years within other consulting firms, I focus my advisory skills at the CFO and CRO domain of financial services organisations, and, more specifically, at aligning both functions to improve performance.

Viktorija Karaliūtė

Senior Consultant

Favorite mountain: Mont Blanc

Biography Viktorija

I have a Master’s degree in Economics and recently joined Mount Consulting to further build my skills and knowledge in financial services. I am attracted to consultancy due to its fast-paced environment, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. I have chosen Mount for its unique field of expertise in advising our clients in modern strategic transformations and the additional focus it provides on each individual client.

Ceren Cetin


Favorite mountain: Erciyes Mountain, Turkey

Biography Ceren

In 2020, I left Turkey for the Netherlands to study at the Rotterdam School of Management. There, I commenced my bachelor’s degree in international business administration and seized the opportunity to delve into Game Theory, earning a minor’s degree while honing my specialization in finance. Over three years, my studies helped me develop important skills, especially in making analytical decisions. In my last year, my interest in finance grew, and I shifted my focus to more specific financial studies, confirming my commitment to a career in finance. 

Now, as a consultant at Mount Consulting, I’m committed to pursuing my goals in the financial services industry. I’m excited about the chance to enhance my expertise in finance by working on meaningful projects with our valued clients. 

Filipe de Costa Boucinha

Consultant to the firm

Favorite mountain: XXX

Biography Filipe

After studying Mathematics and Computer Science in Lisbon, I started my professional career as consultant in the Financial Services Industry. From my first projects I gained my experience in the area where Risk Management meets Data Management and Data Integration Architecture.

Founded by my knowledge of financial risk management, I help banks, insurers, and asset managers transform to an optimized (external, regulatory and management) reporting and risk modeling chain and environment, applying best practices for data integration and data management as customized as possible.

Since 2018 I’ve started my career as an independent consultant.

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