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Data is a core asset

There is no doubt that data is a core asset for any enterprise, but many still struggle to extract value from that same data. Data teams get to spend too little time on their analysis due to the lack of data quality, proper context or receiving the right priorities. This leads to partial or delayed data deliveries, marginal use of the available expertise and overall frustration. Although there is no single solution to this issue, we believe that a significant improvement can only be achieved by the right mix and timing of expertise, technology, and data.


Mount Analytics has been established to provide the financial services industry with Data Science and Analytical services: from Data Collection to Business Value Improvement and from Data Preparation and Data Remediation to Data Science Training for Senior Management. All of which can be requested as a subscription-based service or single assignment.

Through the partnership with Mount Consulting, our data analysts have direct access to expertise to understand the context of data in addition to their own data expertise. We consider this combination as vital to in selecting right approach for any data preparation, analysis, and/or data remediation activities. Furthermore, our approach always considers company specific data architecture, management, and best practices as part of the delivery. As such, opportunities for improvement of data quality and data management are easily identified and processed upon client’s request.


As per July 1, 2023, the founders of Mount Consulting and Jurriaan Groot have started Mount Analytics. Jurriaan has graduated from Maastricht University with a Master in Artificial Intelligence and owns a long track-record in the international financial services industry. Both as a finance and risk management consultant in global consulting firms, as well as at a leading position in Financial Risk Management in a tier-1 bank. Before joining Mount Analytics, Jurriaan was Managing Director of Intenda Europe, a global data software platform provider.

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