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Strategy and Operating Model Design

In our strategic advisory, we help you in defining your strategic objectives and in converting your
strategy into an effective operating model and organization. Read more →

Architecture and Data Management

Like for the house you live in, or the building you work at, it is key to take time and invest in a clear and robust architecture. Read more →

Accounting and Reporting Optimization

We help you in meeting IFRS and multiple GAAP as well as internal and external reporting requirements as efficiently as possible. Read more →


Our transformation advisory and implementation services support you in realizing the architecture and operating model design, meeting requirements and complying with the relevant regulations. Read more →

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Getting the most out of your knowledge and expertise potential by working together with finance, risk, and data specialists from day one onwards. Your knowledge growth enables you to work with us for leading (inter)national organizations and is the most important value we can offer our clients.

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Delaying regulations

Delaying regulations

Regulations and deadlines, a tale as old as time, and one you know all too well. They start fairly vague, with many elements still up for consultation. Except for the deadline, that one is usually fixed rather quickly. Almost always quite some time in the future, but usually very tight.

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ESG Data Stress – Part 2

ESG Data Stress – Part 2

ESG Reporting is the disclosure of environmental, social, and governance data, and an ESG report is designed to provide transparency over the organization’s environmental, social, and governance impact across a multitude of stakeholders, employees, and customers.

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