At Mount, we help solve our clients’ most complex issues and prepare them for the future. In a market where organizations need to be flexible and distinctive, you as a CFO or CRO need ongoing insight to control the direction of the organization and provide ongoing insight to manage its market position.

Together with you, our expert consultants will help your organization in aligning the finance and risk management domains with the overall strategy and transforming your domain to a smart and effective function.

    Strategy and Operating Model Design

    In our strategic advisory, we help you in defining your strategic objectives and in converting your strategy into an effective operating model and organization.


    • Target Operating Model and Service Center design, enabling future proof finance and risk functions and mobilizing decentralized functionalities into cost effective operations.
    • Regulation interpretation and impact definition, preparing the organization for required changes in data, processes, systems, and functions.
    • Finance & Risk Governance definition, breaking the silos across the end-to-end process chains and clarifying roles & responsibilities.
    • ESG data service design, resulting in controlled, effective, and efficient ESG data management throughout the value chain. This includes ESG data vendor selection, supporting the gap analysis of the internal and external ESG data providers.

    Architecture and Data Management

    Through our architecture and data management services, we help you in defining a clear and robust architecture which aligns finance, risk, front office, and back office and enables effective future proof changes.


    • Enterprise Architecture design, defining the business and IT vision, logically as well as physically.
    • Data (Integration) Architecture design, defining the data exchanges between users, processes, and systems.
    • Data Modelling, translating the data integration architecture into a common data model.
    • Data Management Framework design, defining your data governance and embedding roles & responsibilities as well as processes to manage data sourcing, data consuming and data quality.

    Accounting and Reporting Optimization

    Through our accounting and reporting optimization services, we help you in meeting IFRS and multiple GAAP as well as internal and external reporting requirements as efficiently as possible.


    • Reporting Analysis, defining reporting and data requirements:
      • To comply with multiple accounting standards and principles.
      • For regulatory reports e.g., Basel, Solvency II and DNB/ECB.
      • For management information and analytics.
    • Report and reporting process design, converting requirements into comprehensive reports and sound reporting chains.
    • Sustainable Finance requirements analysis, translating the various reporting requirements into a consistent data model and reporting process, and integrating ESG in the business, data, and IT landscape.


    With our transformation advisory and implementation services, we support you in realizing a robust architecture and operating model design, meeting your accounting and reporting requirements and complying with the relevant regulations.


    • Change Governance Design, anchoring target architecture into transformation projects and the business-as-usual organization.
    • Project & Program Design, defining and managing project and program structures, organizations, and planning for complex transformations
    • Change executions, managing changes in data, processes, tooling, and organizations in the end-to-end value chain.