We are looking for

Experienced Finance professionals. We work for the largest institutions in the Dutch financial services industry on strategy and transformation projects within  the CFO domain.

Through your experience, you know what defines this industry and the consulting assignments therein. We are looking for seasoned finance managers, finance experts and/or finance consultants to join our expanding team of consultants.

We handle everything: from a large international bank or insurer to an asset manager or a pension fund. We do limit ourselves to CFO and CRO assignments, where strategic and regulatory transformations are a large part of what we do.

If you would like to be a part of this organisation, then ask yourself:

  • Do you have 5+ years of experience with the CFO domain of a bank, insurer, or asset manager
  • Or do you know everything about IFRS accounting and reporting, regulatory reporting (i.e. FINREP, Pillar III, or Solvency II/QRTs), finance strategy, finance operations or finance architecture and operating models, data integration and analytics?
  • Do you not mind crossing the bridge to risk professionals when needed to improve performance of our clients’ finance and risk functions
  • Do you like guiding colleagues in a project or team and sharing your expertise with junior colleagues?
  • Do you have great ideas to help Mount building its presence in the market?

We will offer you

First and foremost, a people centric organization. Just like we rely on customer intimacy to build our client network, we also depend on the trust of our people. That means we will never grow beyond what we can manage. Our attention to you and the quality of our work is our prime directive. Also no contract clauses meant to scare you into submission: no client relation clauses, no competition clauses.

Together we plot the course of the company, Mount consultants actively contribute to the growth of the firm and for that you will be given time and opportunities.

We are confident that everything we have to offer, including salary, pension benefits, vacation days, training budget, bonuses etc… are well above the market standards.

We are

Mount Consulting, a new business consulting firm, providing strategic Finance, Risk, Data Management and Architecture advisory services. We are a young and dynamic startup with the ambition to grow to a sizeable company in a short period. We are looking for talented, ambitious and motivated colleagues.

What sets us apart:

  • Focus: we only work in the CFO and CRO domains and we focus on strategy, transformations, governance and architecture.
  • Experience: we know the financial services industry, our work is based on detailed knowledge of the ecosystems which our clients have.
  • Client intimacy: we know and value our clients. We propose the right resources to get the best results.

We believe in the simplicity of the approach, the dedication this limited scope provides to our clients and the breath of fresh air this provides in a market where everyone does everything (but not particularly well…).


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